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Creating Categories for Attributes


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Good afternoon,

I am creating a website in prestashop and I already have a sketch of the organization of my products (wine).

Happens that for each product I want the client to be able to choose the label category and after that the label itself.



Client chooses product "red wine" then, as an attribute, he chooses a category of label called "weddings" and that enables another box displaying the various labels that we have available for weddings.


Do you know if this is possible in prestashop and if there is code available for this modification?

Thank you for all your help.

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You can either link products to more categories, for example, create a category tree like this:


Red Wines

- Weddings

- Binge parties ( ;-) )

- Every day night wine

- Weekend favourites



If you then have a Maroc 2010 (Just a name I think to know, no knowledge of quality whatsoever :-) )

that maybe fits in Red wine, Every day night wine, Weekend favourites

then just add this product to these three categories.


Another option is to use TAGS, where you add similar tags to the product and then the user can instead of browse through the category tree, it can search for products.

For example tag the above wine with tags :

- every day

- weekend

- red wine

- maroc

- 2010


etc. Then the user can just search for this wine in the search field.

A combination is also possible of course to get the best of both, whatever the customer prefers.


My 2 cents


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Thank you for your prompt answer!


The first solution that you present could work, but it would make the choice too complicated.

The product that I sell are personalized bottles of wine, I have Port Wine and "Normal Wine".

The bottles are personalized by selecting one of the available label templates and adding a phrase, name or picture...

The problem is that in order to keep the labels organized I would like to have them divided into categories (weddings, Binge Parties (new idea), ...)


That way the product tree would be something like this


Port Wine


-30 Years


Normal Wine


-Touriga Portuguesa



After choosing the wine the client would need to select the label, the tree with the label should look like this:

Family Events


-Fathers Day

-Mothers Day



-Day of Portugal




If I put everything in the same tree I will not be able to easily change the effect that each label has on the price of the bottle and the interface for the client will not be so friendly.

Do you understand what I mean?


Thank you again.

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