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[SOLVED] How to implement group restriction in module


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Hello everyone,


I have a module that shows information in the site's right column intended only for a particular group of customers.


In group settings I've set every other group as Unauthorized to my module but that didn't change anything. I googled and found some user in the same situation stating that the module didn't support group restriction.


So how do I implement group restriction in my module?


Is there a predefined way like using $this->context->customer->isLogged()?

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Turns out I were logged on as a user in the group which should access - so there's no need to implement anything for group restriction to work. Solved.


I managed to do some research before I figured that out so thought I would share that. For finding out which group a user belongs to one can look at $this->context->customer->id_default_group and for simpler means $this->context->customer->is_guest.

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