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Price difference in product.tpl


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Hi guys,


I´m desperate for your help! I´m kinda new in the prestashop scene, but i kinda have a problem i need to fix now:


My shop is using a 20% discount on all the products available. Now when i look at the product list, it's using the correct prices, but looking at the product page of the item, there's a difference in price. the price is also correct in the shopping cart.


I've tried searching the web for this problem, but could not find any valueable information.. Also, i added 2 screenshots of the product.tpl and product-list.tpl.


I would appreciate your help alot, if more information is needed, i'll provide it ;)




- Using Prestashop 5.4.0

- Using Dutch VAT (21%)

- Using discount on all items (20%)



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