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Czech Accented Characters and Friendly URLs - Cannot go live

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I know this might not be exact forum to post this, but I do not speak Czech and need uregnt help with issue with Friendly URLs.


I have prestashop and custom theme


I have shop in Czech and English (English 2nd lang)


I have below issues


1 - I have friendly URLs on and accented URL off

2 - I have route to product as below



3 I have Czech meta keywords like below


4 Issues now (2 ISSUES)


1- CSV import , url rewrite removes the accented characters (does not translate them), so I end up with aty-bez-ruk-s-kv

  • Rewrite link for Šaty bez rukávů s květinovým vzorem (ID: 2377) was re-written as aty-bez-rukv-s-kvtinovm-vzorem.

2 - I have successfully imported Czech meta title etc via CSV and it looks good on product decsription page. However on friendly URL , it has same issue as while importing. The meta keywords, which are fine in DB and also in page show again in URL with missing bits


  • Please help as I cannot put my stuff to google and other engines till this is fixed and this means noone can find me till then :(

I have checked admin.js and it seems to have the str.replace bits in there.


I also checked that I have mb_strings installed in php (not sure if some particular setting is needed)




Thanks and Regards


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If you really want to KEEP the accents etc, turn ON the accented URL.

Another option is to transform the words better to just take off the accents, not the whole letter away.

Maybe this site helps with this:


coming from a link on this site, which has some addition info about how accented URL's are processed etc.



My 2 cents,


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Ok when I disable php_mbstring , it seems to work fine. Both problems get solved.


I would need to ask my hosting provider to do that for me.


Any idea if this could harm something else?


Also does someone know if the mb_string setting could work if I configured it somehow correctly??

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