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PrestaShop pt


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This is the pt_PT translation of PrestaShop with respective flag and no_product images.

Its not 100% acurate since it was based on pt_BR, but most of it was revised and corrected.

With this base, we can faster correct the tiny things and make a final version easly on the wiki translations tool.

Hope this help someone, best regards,

prestashop pt

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To Portuguese PS ownerr:

Don't use this files. They are all in Brasilian Portuguese, it's full of misspells and error and some translations make no sense at all.

Make a copy of the english language and translate yourself to portuguese.

You've been warned.


Para os usuários do PS em Portugal:
Não usem estes ficheiros. Está em Português do Brasil, o que significa má tradução, erros grosseiros ("Infelismente", etc...) e traduções (?) sem sentido nenhum.

Façam uma cópia no BO da lingua inglesa e traduzam vocês mesmos.

Estão avisados.

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