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Storing customer information in session via a form and using it in if else type query


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On prestashop 1.5 what i am trying to do is to initally create a form on the right hand side that asks customers the following


So for example the form would say are you:

(1) over 50

(2) under 50


Then there answer is stored in a smarty session variable or cookie?


Then on a .tpl page, there would be if, else commands


if session variable 1


You are over 50, this might be....


if session variable 2


You are under 50, this might be....



end if


Can anybody please help with code to:

(1) Initially create this simple form and store the session variable?

(2) To bring back the session variable so you can use it in the if else statement?


Many thanks for taking the time to look

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in my opinion for this is better to create module than editing the template tpl files (controllers also!)


create module with:

registerhook header + footer


in the footer add .tpl with your form (and position aligned to the right - with css styles)

in the function hookheader add a php script with if condition (if POST form then create a cookie)


voila ;)

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