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USPS Flat Rate Shipping for Clothes Store


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Hi there...setting up an online clothes store. Prestashop is amazing. I've installed the USPS module but am kind of lost in regards to figuring out how to set flat rate shipping. I'm in the united states and I know USPS has flat rate shipping. Does anyone have any suggestions? Maybe I can do it based on the number of items...for example:


- 5 items or less (small flat rate box)

- More than 5 items (medium box 1 flat rate)

- 10 items or more (medium box 2 flate rate ).


As mentioned above, I installed the USPS module but I don't think that's going to be useful since I'm not shipping my products on weight.



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This is always a tricky subject, since Prestashop does not really have a concept of "number of items" to determine shipping, by default they consider weight or price.


The USPS module does include dimensions, but I have not tested that and I'm not entirely sure it is "smart enough" to know how many items could fit inside the small flat rate box.


I might suggest that you disable the USPS module, and just create Carriers manually based on the total weight or total cart price. Otherwise I fear you will need to create a custom carrier module to accomplish your requirements.

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