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[SOLVED]Having a breadcrumb Problem


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Hi all and how are you all?


Well once again I need your help please. :)


I have 2 sorts of the products. One which is Jigsaw Puzzles and the other is Kites.


On my Jiggaw Puzzles the breadcrumb is fine as you can see below.


"Home > Jigsaw Puzzles > Product Name"




Click link too see the breadcrumb: "Home > Jigsaw Puzzles > Product Name"


On my Kites it doesn't have the full breadcrumb as shown below.


"Home > Product Name"




Click link too see the breadcrumb: "Home > Product Name"


And so I really need help on this ladies and gentlemen.


Thanks in advance for any help given, will be much appreciated.


Kind Regards



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So Jigsaw Puzzle is perfect, but Kites is the one I am having the problem and as you can see the images on the previous post everything is the same. I'm a bit puzzled on this breadcrumb system.

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What i meant was the association of the product itself, if you go to your "khanda kite" product in the back office and click on the "associations" tab i'm pretty sure the default category will be "shop" in your case, change it to "kites" and your breadcrumbs should work as desired.

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Hi defuzed, you are a life saver. Wow that was such a simple fix and appreciate your help.



:D Absolutely happy about it.



To the administrator can you put this post as solved Thanks to defuzed, knows the stuff.

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No this is not the solution I think. Because on the fresh installation breadcrumbs change according to where you click to product. If you click under parent category it shows only parent category on the breadcrumb. If click to product under subcategory, it shows parent->subcategory on the breadcrumb. It doesn't depend to default category.

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