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Weird localhoast behaviour when moving from computer to computer


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I am working on my laptop and desktop both, and move files from one to the other so I can continue working. I am using EasyPHP, and developing on the localhost. Each time I switch from laptop/desktop I copy the prestashop root folders and files from "/data/localweb/ps/" and then I also copy phpMyAdmin folder from "/modules/" folder.

However, I have just added a minic slider to the home page on my desktop, and it just won't showup in the laptop after I copied the above two folders. Am I missing something? Is there something else I am supposed to be doing?


Any help will help.



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I do not have problem logging to the BO after moving the files laptop/desktop, the issue is that the last changes done on the old machine are not showing in the new machine.

I did save all the files, shutdown apache and Mysql, and then copied the files for transfer. Its really weird. The files are there, but the configuration is not.


Any idea where PS saved the module's location/position configuration?



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