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Is it possible to customize products edit form in backoffice?


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Hello Community


I'm writing a module for age verification via the passport of customers for products, which are not available under an age of 18 years.


The most thing is done (verification, view for product site, configuration of the module, ...) but I'm stuck at one point:


I need an attribute for each product which indicates if the product is available for customers under an age of 18 years or not.


I would love to have a checkbox for it in the general product options. Please see the attached screenshot (sorry for german overview, but I thing you know which position I mean).

My idea is to add a new boolean field in the product database table (or if existing in a custom attributes table for products). Then I would register a hook where I can serialize the value of my checkbox in this field.


The important thing is: I need to solve this with modules, no customizing of core files!


Is this possible or do I need to create an own product listing in the module configuration site?


I hope you can help me!

Please feel free to ask if you have any questions.


Kind regards

Felix Czylwik


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