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Choose a different default language for different user groups


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Hi everyone,


I'm a french student working in a little company for this summer.


My manager want me to divert the language functionality because there's only one description per product and we want more (one for the customers, and one for the perfessional customers).


To get there, we decided to attribute one language per member group and we created 4 languages :

- français (with the group "client")

- français professionnel (with the group "client professionnel)

- english (with the group "customer")

- english professional 'with the group "customer professional")


But, as you can imagine, it doesn't work, and we don't find a method.


The problem is simple : a visitor must be able to change the language between french or english, AND when he is logged, if he is a professional, the default language has to be "français pro." or "english pro." in relation with country location. Moreover, the language block has to contain only "french pro." or "english pro.".


Help me please =)


Greetings and sorry for my english

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