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Product small thumbnails not resized correctly


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When I have multiple images for my products, on their product page, there are small thumbnails under the cover product image for viewing. When you hover over these thumbnails, you can see the larger image above, when you click on these thumbs, you view the full sized thickbox image.


For some reason, these thumbnails are not "disproportionate", but cut off. In the back-end when adding multiple images to a product, there is a statement saying "You can also upload a ZIP file containing several images. Thumbnails will be resized automatically."


Might a tpl or css file need to be replaced with a backup? Or can this be corrected in the backend (so far I haven't found a way)


Attached are the corresponding images regarding this issue.


Help would be greatly appreciated!!





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Okay, I fixed it. Sort of.


Simply enough, all I had to do was resize the "medium" images in the backend. I had changed it from its original size to a larger size, because I wanted to increase the size of my subcategory image thumbnails.


Changing this value did increase the size of my subcategory images, but not until now, I hadn't noticed it also affected the mini- thumbs (that were in question) on the product page. I changed the value back to its defualt, and now both the mini-thumbs and subcategory thumbs are smaller. I can live with that, as long as nothing is cut off.


If there is a way to seperatley change the subcategory thumbs but keep the same size of the mini-thumbs, that would be great. Would this involve creating a new image type in the backend, and have it correspond to only a certain category? The options to choose from are pretty broad, ex. products, categories, scenes, stores, etc. So again, this might be something to change in the .css/tpl files?


By the way, I am using 1.4.x

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