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Hi all,


My very first post on this forum. I was wondering if someone could give me or direct me to step by step instructions on how to make my shop guest check out only and to disable user account feature. Personally don't like to buy anything from webshops with mandatory creation of user accounts. I think I allready have enough accounts to different forums, shops, emails and so fort.


The products that I'm going to sell are quite possibly purchased by people that are never made any online shopping before and possibly won't even know what a user account is, let alone manage it in any reasonable way. That's the reason I would like to simplify the process to:Add to cart>personal info & shipping address>pay>receive info on email.


On top of that I'm totally new to coding anything. I'm going to make a Finnish language shop and because of theme incompatibility issues I have to use an older version of the Prestashop and the language package is totally incomplete. Disabling the account feature would save me about a year of work with my coding skills, because the English language structure can not be used directly with Finnish translation and I would have to do every bit of coding, translating and removing fields by hand from the forms that my customers wouldn't even use.


So, easy beginner safe instructions to make my shop quest check out only, please?

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