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Hello World :)


Guys I need help... I'm trying to make a module and its objective are:

  • I'd like to create a new tab in the Admin Tab-> Catalog->Product-> Sidebar Tab (Information, Features,Tags,Manafacture,Suppliers etc) after the Suppliers tab I'd like to add another one.
  • That tab it will have a textbox and it will get/change the value of the product's description(The table information).
  • Its output will be in the 'ProductFooter'.
  • Separting the 'custom table information' with the description(Lorem ipsum....)
  • The description stays in the same position.
  • Moving the 'table information' before the tab 'Mais Informação'(ProductFooter)


Thank you :) All answers are welcome & appreciated


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I'd like to seperate two parts of the description's content : one its the text and the another one the table information... that table information must be implemented in the hook 'Footer Product' and the text stays the same hook(in the 'productTabContent')...


ps::sorry about my explanation :| I think need to be more specific.

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I'm using the description field because when i import a product, it allows me to use the description "available fields". And if you create another description type tab with specificate tab i think you need to modify the AdminImportCore overriding it. (Not sure if there another way).


All I need is to split the description in two contents: a text plain(without table) just text and the another is the Table Information(as you can see the picture i attached).


The text plain stays in the tab content and the Table i'd like to put it in the 'ProductFooter' before tab

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