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Admin enter custom shipping charge?

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I'm looking for the facility to have a custom shipping charge that can be assigned to countries with unknow shipping rates, where a message can be displayed to customer to call for a quote. If customer then agrees to the amount the admin would then simply access the cart the user had created, convert to an order while at the same time entering the custom shipping value. As happens now, user then gets email to allow them to pay for the order.


Spent nearly a day now searching for either mods that might allow this, or that could be customised to allow this, but no joy. I guess what I'm after would be something like this:


1. Option to creat a carrrier that PREVENTS order completion until a value is entered.


This could then be assigned to all countries with unknown shipping rates, and would also prevent the order process from continuing i.e. because it detected no cost entered.


2. On the admin amend order there is currently the option to change the carrier, but what I need here is option to allow admin to enter a bespoke value.


Note: I've seen this logged on wishlist, but no idea what lifecycle or priority of these requests are, so I can't really rely on that happening any time soon.


PS I did investigate the option of enteting negative value vouchers i.e. allowing admin to ADD a charge to an order, but I can't get PS to accept negative value, so that seems non-started.



Anyone tried to do the same thing, know of any solutions that might work or even have some code they wish to sell me to get this done?



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Hi Redactuk,


I know this is an old topic, but I'm looking for the same feature. Did you find any module or other solution?



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