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[solved] Which table contains Colour Picker field?


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I'm trying to write a query that displays all products with combinations > 0, but does not have a Colour Picker = TRUE



But I can't seem to find where this value is stored. It makes sense that it should be in ps_product but it's not. Does anyone have any idea?

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I just wrote the following query in case anyone wants to use it in the future:



SELECT ps_product_lang.name, ps_product.id_product AS id

FROM ps_product

LEFT JOIN ps_product_attribute ON

ps_product.id_product = ps_product_attribute.id_product

INNER JOIN ps_product_lang ON

ps_product_lang.id_product = ps_product.id_product

WHERE ps_product.active = 1 AND ps_product.id_color_default = 0

GROUP BY ps_product.id_product

HAVING COUNT(ps_product.id_product) > 1

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