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API Integration and XML (or CSV) automated feeds


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Hi all,


I am looking to launch a new e-commerce site and I want to use Prestashop for it, as overall it offers the best package, and look and feel. I've also worked with Zen and Magento previously and find them quite clunky. However I have come up against a problem.


1) I am looking to integrate an API as simply as possible into either a standard checkout module or into the paypal module, can anyone point me in the direction of assistance in doing this or where I should start? If I can't use the paypal module to do it, then fair enough but some tips to assist my quest would be greatly appreciated. The checkout will process the payment, the API will then feed the payment through to the third party.


2) In order to ensure my stock management is kept up to date with the dropshipping site (to start with) they provide xml and csv files, is there a module that can convert an xml feed to csv as I have managed to upload the csv previously, but I would want this to run and update overnight ideally without having to upload fresh csvs every day.


All thoughts and questions welcome, I am new to Prestashop so apologise if some of these are known inabilities, but having searched the forum wanted to double check with you all before falling back to Zen.


Thanks again, Sam

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