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havent you noticed that your whole theme goes to the left ?


I see that you have removed the grid css, which usually take care of this, but atleast include

#page {
margin: 0 auto;


Also, your product and category pages, and I guess all other pages are left intact and their content doesnt fulfill the width of your theme! and thats quite a problem !


Dont forget that prestashop have atleast 30 pages that you need to style ! - http://doc.prestasho.../Best+practices

I think it will be very helpfull to you to read the whole prestashop documentation.


Making free themes doesnt mean making unfinished and broken ones.


Wish you good luck, will be happy to help you if you need assistance with your free themes

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Hello, I don't know which is the problem, it's a 2-columns template, all blocks you want to show in the left column and by default are in right, you would need to go to the back office and change right position to left. All blocks in right position are not shown by default.

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Ok, I got 15 min to tell you what the problem is, and I'll do that in order to help you make good themes in future.


1. As I said, your site is not centered. DONT IGNORE THIS AND FIX YOUR THEME (I hope that the CAPS will stress enough how important this is).


2. Altought your header doesnt look good, I wont comment each part of it, only suggest you to improve it.


3. The menu is BROKEN! The css needs a lot of fixing,there is some bug and some of your menu items have color #fff (white) on almost white background and they become INVISIBLE(HUGE PROBLEM FIX THIS)


PLease see screenshot below, do you see what are the menu items. I dont. They are white


Another issue is that the text in not verticaly centered, you should fix that also

-submenu items are alsmo not vertically centered, and their styling looks very broken.

As a whole, really unpleasent to look at menu and full with issues.


4.Altough the sidebar items look good, I dont like how they dont have padding and their elements "stick" to the edges of the container(left and bottom)


5.Newsletter block is broken


6.NO STYLING FOR CATEGORY PAGES ! ! ! You styled only the sidebar, and left the category page untouched, with lots of unused whitespace. Why ?!



Same on product page, again so much whitespace and also 0 styling, everything is left as on the defaulth theme.

Dont know about you, but I really dont like that yellow in a blue template






Same for all other pages that used to be 3 column, and now are 2. Youve just removed the right column without including anything on its place......


And absolutly no styling for any other page. Please read the documentation and follow the best practices



I hope that this will help you improve your themes.


Good luck and dont forget to update what you've made. Releasing a theme doesnt mean stop updating it

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Hello, I really appreciate your contribution, this is one of my first designs and I am trying to do my best and I am working hard to fix these problems.


At the moment I have solved the navigation bar, the problem was in css that text in visited links were in white color, I have changed css to be showed in blue.


In the next hours I will modify width products category and products page to adapt 100% of page width and I am going to recolorize default yellow images to blue, thanks for your comment in order to improve the design.

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