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Item customization button configuration.


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Hi, ive going to set a new shop. My shop is aleady installed and im editig it atm. Need to change "item customization" button. Basicly, i need somoene who is buying an item from my shop give his IMEI number of his phone. I could do the normal way, but it may be confusing for some people. How can i change that?

The other thing is, when i put a item customization field, if someone is buying this item, two items appears in the cart. Is there a chance that i may change that to one? Thx for wasting your time:)

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Changing the wording Product Customizations can be done in the localization->translations

Select front office translations, choose your theme (default 'default') and the language you want to translate. If just English, but other wording, click the USA flag. Search the page for 'Product customization' (Check if it is in the translation block about 'Products') and in the field right of it add 'IMEI' or so.

Update product page and see if it works.


What PS version do you use? I tried it here and got only 1 item in the cart?


(give it a try here (Temporary link, may not use after a while):



My 2 cents,


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hi, thx for helping me:)

Im using xampp and this appear while trying to change:

"Warning! Your PHP configuration limits the maximum number of fields allowed in a form: 1000 for max_input_vars.

Please ask your hosting provider to increase the this limit to 1434 at least or edit the translation file manually."

i assume i need to change the php.ini file? And how can i change "translation file manually?"


I use the presta but the two items are showing while using hitech_leo theme so i just need to check does this problem is still on default theme.



OK found it, change it and it works. I give a shout when it will works, thx dude.

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