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Hi guys I'm hoping someone can help


I've been filling around with the pack options a bit, but cant seem to get it to do quite what I want it to do.


here is what I'd like to try do.


I've got 3 individual items on my store, lets call them X, Y and Z for this example


the combined price is $20


what I'd like to do is offer a combo pack including items X, Y and Z for $18


thing is users need to select the attributes for items X, Y and Z which users cant seem to do when I preview the pack?


I know I can simply manually add the combinations in the back office for the pack, but I'd like it to be linked to the individual products. ie: if item X is out of stock in black, then the user mustn't be able to select said item in the "pack"


is there a way to do this? or do I need to buy one of the expensive $100 plus modules to do this?

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Unfortunately Prestashop manages Packs as specific products with specifics stocks, not linked with the products real stocks that compose the bundle.
We provided a module to solve this : http://addons.prestashop.com/fr/outils-administration-modules-prestashop/13009-gestion-avancee-du-stock-des-packs.html
This could solve your problem.
Best regards.
Web In Color Team.

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