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How to change the <title> of a page in the cms?


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Hello to all!


When creating a page in the cms there is no function that allows me to customize the <title> of the page.


In fact, this tag is automatically filled by the name given to the page.


Is there a way to customize this tag as you want?


Someone has already done?


I'm hoping for an answer! Thank you all!

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I apologize for the small grammatical errors .. are not English native speaker: P


For "the cms" intent to say the CMS menu of Prestashop, not intended as a "content management system" ..


I apologize ... :)

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Thanks for the quick reply!


The problem is that changing that field not only changes the tag, but also the name of the page.


So in the website, the name referring to the link of the page that appears as the tag.


It may be insignificant, but admit that I want to insert a tag along to the page, for example: "Shipping - costs and delivery times of our web-store"


In this case it would be very annoyed to find the website link that refers to this page with a title so long! It would be much better to have a title like: "Shipping"


So, I thought there was a way to give a title to the page and a different title tag.


I hope I was clear! :)

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It’s another solution, more simple that to go into the database : it’s to go to :
Modules / CMS block

I have the list of footer links, and I have the possibility to add information above the links.
It is a field for that. The HTLM code is authorized in this field, so I can to put a link with HTLM balises.

For me, it’s the best solution, very simple to integrate. I have the version of Prestashop. It works on another site I have with another template (version of Prestashop).
Please, tell me if it’s work for you. Perhaps, all the templates don’t work like the mine…

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This tutorial was great and very easy to follow. It simply works. I have an issue and I don't think it's your fault, but wondering if you could help? I'm using a parallax page module that shows a banner on cms pages with the page title. However, it's still showing the meta title instead of the custom page title. Any ideas on what file(s) I would edit to fix this? 

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Hi guys,


We made a module that adds a field in the CMS part and fill the <title> tag with this new content. It so makes possible to have a meta_title different than the name of the CMS page.



This module does not override any native method of PrestaShop.





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