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Layered navigation force parameters (attributes/features)


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Hello everyone.


Edit: Ok, I've got it. Nevermind, move along....


If you have problem forcing block layered navigation features by URL, rebuild all indexes. (I was certain I did it!)





I need help. I'm trying to get a link to a category, where Layered Navigation has already set starting parameters. The parameters would be selected features.


So, when someone opens the link, one would already have features selected.



As I try to analyze blocklayered.php I figured out that link should look like this:


http:// (my-shop-addres.com) /1-Category/parameter-value


http:// (my-shop-addres.com) /1-Category?selected_filters=parameter-value

or (without friendly URLs)

http:// (my-shop-addres.com) /index.php?id_category=6&controller=category&selected_filters=parameter-value


There is a comment that states:


Force attributes selection (by url '.../2-mycategory/color-blue' or by get parameter 'selected_filters')


also, chosing category creates link like this:




However, opening new tab, none of these work.


I really need some help. Thanks in advance!

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