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Top Menu bar modification


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Hi guys,


I am trying to modify the top menu bar but I am stuck and I need help. I have 4 links on it "home", "contact", "info" and "delivery". I am trying to modify border-radius while hovering on the first and last item. I was trying to modify superfish-modified.css but I didn't manage to do it. I know I have to create a class and assign it to the specific item, but my knowledge in that area is limited and any help would be more than welcome!

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add new class:


.sf-menu li.firstitem:hover {
visibility: inherit;


then assign firstitem to the first element in the menu


the same for last item - if you want different style - create another class

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Dear vekia,


I am trying to learn and test using the Prestashop and "default-bootstrap". But I am not able to change or modify some blocks like  at the top , contact block (Background color), Footer background color. 


Also I want to display category list on the home page and just beside home slider.


Please help to modify.



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