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Paypal Error 10471 (Solved)


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Hello PS users.



Paypal Versión : 3.4.8


First, I have a problem in the form (last step of the order), looks like a link to choose paypal, but is a form.


Modify this:


Line 42

<form id="paypal_payment_form" action="{$base_dir}modules/paypal/express_checkout/payment.php" data-ajax="false" title="{l s='Pay with PayPal' mod='paypal'}" method="post">
   <input type="hidden" name="express_checkout" value="{$PayPal_payment_type}"/>
   <input type="hidden" name="current_shop_url" value="{$base_dir}{$smarty.server.REQUEST_URI}" />
   <!--<input type="hidden" name="current_shop_url" value="{$PayPal_current_shop_url}" />-->


NB: I'm not using ssl.


Now you will have to fix the returnurl error 10471



Line 338

$shop_domain = PayPal::getShopDomainSsl(false, true);



Line 212

$fields['RETURNURL'] = PayPal::getShopDomainSsl(false, true)._MODULE_DIR_.$this->name.'/express_checkout/payment.php';


I hope this information will be useful to you.


Good Luck

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