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Get string translation per language


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For translation i use


but this returns the translated string for the current language.


I'm looking for a way to get the translated string per language i.e. get the translation of a given string in all available languages.


I inspected the class in translate.php but came out with no solution!

any help is much appreciated

Thank you

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Thank you, i finally figured it out


this function can be included in your module


* Return the translation for a string given a language iso code 'en' 'fr' ..
* @public
* @param $string string to translate
* @param $iso_lang language iso code
* @param $source source file without extension
* @param $js if it's inside a js string
* @return string translation
public function _translate($string,$iso_lang,$source,$js=false){
  $file = dirname(__FILE__).'/translations/'.$iso_lang.'.php';
  if(!file_exists($file)) return $string;
  $key = md5(str_replace('\'', '\\\'', $string));
  $current_key = strtolower('<{'.$this->name.'}'._THEME_NAME_.'>'.$source).'_'.$key;
  $default_key = strtolower('<{'.$this->name.'}prestashop>'.$source).'_'.$key;
  $ret = $string;
  if (isset($_MODULE[$current_key]))
   $ret = stripslashes($_MODULE[$current_key]);
  elseif (isset($_MODULE[$default_key]))
   $ret = stripslashes($_MODULE[$default_key]);
  if ($js)
   $ret = addslashes($ret);
  return $ret;

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