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[HOW TO IMPORT IMAGES EASY] step by step guide

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If you hosting do not support correct php version required for import images, you can try to do following.


1) you need local server like XAMP or Denver, Notepad++ for codepage converting, any ftp client like Filezilla.

2) Install your Prestashop at hosting and locally on PC.

3) Copy all images for import to “upload” folder at hosting and local servers. I used them only for easy understanding. You can generally use any else.

4) Make CSV files like attached. All files are equal but image URLs are different.

a. for local server you need to use absolute path. Please see att-ed “products_for_local shop.csv”.
b. for hosted shop you need use URLs like in the att-ed “products_for_hosted shop.csv”.

5) Convert all files to UTF-8 codepage using Notepad++ (menu Codepage).

6) Delete all images named with number in the Prestashop folder “img/p” at both locations.

7) Do import using Prestashop Backoffice function at both locations.

8) Copy all images with numbered names like 1-1.jpg, 1-1-home.jpg, 1-1-large.jpg, 1-1-medium.jpg, 1-1-small.jpg, 1-1-thickbox.jpg from local shop image folder “img/p” to same folder at hosting. You can use Filezilla client.

9) Check images in back and front office of the hosted shop. They should be visible.


My understanding how it works.

I found when you do import at hosting server it creates all image links but doesn’t create image thumbnails. If you click link you will be redirected to 404.jpg.
From other side, import function at local server works fine and creates all thumbnails and links.
All you need is just to copy all generated images from local image folder to hosting server.

I made import more than 500 products at one-time. Everything is fine. Files contain Russian words in name and description field and html tags. Please don't panic.

Good lack.

PS for The Great PS Team. Please rewrite import module.:-)

products_for_hosted shop.csv

products_for_local shop.csv

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Your method work for me
but i want to ask whether the size of images should be adjusted by myself

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