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I need the portuguese translation for version 1.2

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I am helping with the Portuguese on-line translation.
The thing is that I need the files to put right away in my prestashop 1.2.
It seems that my on-line translations are being ignored... But I have spent some hours translating the front and back offices to Portuguese.
Can you put a link here so I can download the files and help translating while I am already using the translation as it its?
Best regards,

João Morais

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I will help you translate it too, i'm not a expert but i need pt_PT version also as fast as possible so i will do my best ;)


Well, i have done 1hour job, i will continue tomorow, it have been easyest then i expect. Also there are some big fails that i find passing by the already translated text, so i correct them when i see.

How can i download the "Alpha" editions from the translation with partial translation? This way i think i will be able to open the store with 1.2 sooner translating the front panel first.

thanks, best regards,

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