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[Solved] Altering product's categories in database


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Hi Guys,


Im looking for a way to see in the database, which all categories a product appears in.

Eg: Product: Apple, category: 1,3,4


I tried searching the database but could not find the right table. In the product table, only the default category shows, it does not show all the categories it appears in.


Someone in my office, moved all the products around and now nothing matches the original categories :((




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The table is db-prefix_category_product. Maps id_category to id_product (and includes a manual position within the category).


Via the object model:


$product = new Product($id);
$categories = $product->getCategories();


To set them:


$product = new Product($id);
$success = $product->updateCategories(array('1','3','4'))
$product->id_category_default = '3';

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I have problem to add categories to database.

I use multistore and i have parms 

id, parent,date add, date mod, name,desc, metatags 


im trying update tables with:

 "INSERT INTO `ps_category_shop` (

`id_category` ,
`id_shop` ,
'".$row['categories_id']."',  '3', '1'
"INSERT INTO  `ps_category_lang` (
`id_category` ,
`id_shop` ,
`id_lang` ,
`name` ,
`description` ,
`link_rewrite` ,
`meta_title` ,
`meta_keywords` ,
'".$row['categories_id']."',  '3',  '1',  '".$row['categories_name']."','".$row['categories_htc_desc_tag']."' ,  '".$link."', NULL , NULL , NULL
"INSERT INTO  `ps_category` (
`id_category` ,
`id_parent` ,
`id_shop_default` ,
`level_depth` ,
`nleft` ,
`nright` ,
`active` ,
`date_add` ,
`date_upd` ,
`position` ,
 '".$row['categories_id']."',  '".$parent."',  '3',  '".$depth."',  '12','34',  '1',  '".$row['date_added']."',  '".$row['last_modified']."','1','0'
insert into ps_category_group VALUES('".$row['categories_id']."','1');"
after this i use 
to generate nleft and nright columns 
and categories still doesnt works to my shop.
i see them in BO to all shops but in FO doesnt exist
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