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Forcing not default option!


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I am using PS 1.4.9


We have a normal shipping for most of our products.


But for one of our products we have setup some combinations for the users to choose shipping on the product page from combinations/options.


Becouse the product is shiped from another country we want the users on the productpage to select wich shipping method they would like to use on that particular product.


Although we want the normal price for the product to be shown. So the default combination for the product is "Select Shipping" wich has "0" added value to the price and then 2 other shipping methods combination wich ads the extra value to the product.And then they can choose the dropdownlist to select wich shipping they want for this product and the value is added to the price.


ALthough we have discovered even though we try to explain that they have to choose the shipping from the dropdownlist (combinations) 95% of our customers dosnt.


How can i force the customers to choose the combinations, or else not be able to order the product.


There is also another twist to this.


Lets say the user wants to order 3 of these products he shouldent have to pay the extra shipping for all of these 3 products only for one.


Is there some way to fix this? Perhaps a module?


Or is there a way to let PS know that this product requires other shipping than normal and on the checkoutpage where you select shipping, add the extra shipping options there?


thank you-.

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