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Free responsive 1.5 theme from Ninja

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I installed the free responsive theme designed by Ninja (I got it here: https://github.com/h...restashop-theme)


So, it's working fine, but I need some help with a question, perhaps it's a silly question, but my programming knowledge is really poor...


If you can take a look on the website I am working on: www.zumbarock.com

I have three categories, after the last one "accessories" there is a block that says "contact us" but when I click on it there is no further action done.

My question is, how can I find out which file has that line of code so I can add an hyperlink to the contact form?


And also, just below that "contact us" block, there is the paypal logo, I'd like to delete it, how can I find the file with that code?


If anyone can help me please I'd appreciate it a lot, I used "inspect element" but I couldn't find the name of the file that contains that line of code. If I modify it directly on that option "Inspect element" it works but at soon as I reload the page the changes I made are gone...


Thank you!




P.S. By the way, i's a great work Ninja did, the site works beautfully in desktop, 10" tablet, 7" tablet and 4.3" cell phone.


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