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Module to display similar versions of the same product...


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Hi all. I'm looking for a module that I'm not sure exists. If it doesn't exist than I'd be willing to pay someone to make it for me.


We sell used cameras. We probably only sell 30 different models of cameras but they all come in with varying accessories and in varying condition. The way Presta is setup now we'd have to list the same camera 20 different times, listing the condition and included accessories on each listing which is less than convenient.


What I want to do is something like Amazon where we have one listing for each camera and then when a customer clicks on that page they see the various different offerings we have for that particular model.


We'd be able to display condition notes, included accessories and have a unique price for every version of the product. On the back end we'd be able to have a stock number for each version.


If you're having a hard time envisioning what I'm saying just think of this:




One product listing, several items for the same product.


Anything like this exist?

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have you explored product combinations to solve your problem? typically combinations would be used to vary a product by color, size etc.. For example you could have a T-Shirt that comes in small blue, medium black etc...


Using that same approach, couldn't you list the variations as a separate combination? That would allow you to adjust price and quantities accordingly, and also have a single product to manage.

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