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How to bring product attribute selection in product-list page


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I am a Prestashop newbie.


I have added attributes to the products in my store and its working fine in my product page.


But i wanted my customers to select attributes, Quantity and Attributes in the product list page.


Pl. help me out.



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You can try this module: http://www.presto-changeo.com/en/attribute-modules/59-product-list-attributes.html


But there was one drawback that I wish was published more clearly. If you have multiple attributes it does not auto filter out combinations that don't exist. For example: if you sell t-shirts with Small, Medium, Large sizes in colors Red, Green, and Blue. But you only offer Medium in Blue, (but small and large red, green, blue are offered) the customers will still be able to choose Medium in Red or Green and a message will display that says this combination does not exist.


Imagine having many attributes with many combinations that do not exist, it will drive your customers crazy as it did mine. I really think that this should either have been built into the module or clearly explained before purchasing because it makes the module almost inoperable for many attributes.

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