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Custom order in manufacturer product list


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Hello everyone, i want to sort product list by my own way in manfacturer page, they way I sorted in catefory page from backend.


lets clear the problem...


i have category called dell there have 5 products, dell1, dell2, dell3, dell4, dell5 etc. to sort them by my own in category view i select "position inside category" as default order, and its working fine in when clickng the category in front end. but when click manufacturer in fron end there product lists either assending or dessinding not my own order way. can anyone tell me how can i achive custome order in manufacturer page also.


Thanks in advance.

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Hi everyone,


If you want to change this, you can modify (or override) ManufacturerController.php line 97 (in /controllers/front/ without override)


Replace $this->orderBy ...

$products = $this->manufacturer->getProducts($this->manufacturer->id, $this->context->language->id, (int)$this->p, (int)$this->n, $this->orderBy, $this->orderWay);
... by the order you want (examples : 'price', 'quantity', 'reference'). I guess you can change $this->orderway by 'desc' or 'asc' (didn't try yet)


So you have something like :

$products = $this->manufacturer->getProducts($this->manufacturer->id, $this->context->language->id, (int)$this->p, (int)$this->n, 'price' , $this->orderWay);
Unfortunately you can't use a specific order since prestashop backoffice doesn't allow you to do it (on Edited by vcopleutre (see edit history)

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