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Canada Post Rates Calculator: Weight/Price/Insurance Settings


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Hi all,


I'm using PS and I'm wondering: is there a way to tell the Canada Post Rates Calculator module to obey certain settings enabled at CPC SellOnline? Specifically, the "insurance activation" and "signature requirement" amount settings (they disable certain services when $XX order value is reached).


My new shop isn't live yet (local host), and from what I can tell, unlike my currently live osCommerce shop, those insurance & signature settings are being ignored. Maybe they will be applied once the site is live, but I somehow doubt that going live will make any difference (although maybe someone can confirm if they work in a live shop?).


I realize it's possible to set carriers by price range in Prestashop rather that weight range, however unfortunately with some of the carriers I need to use, I absolutely have to go by weight range. Sure wish you could set some services to weight range and some to price range, but you can't - you have to use one system or the other, period. :/


Thanks in advance!


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