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Adding the Model year for the products

David Henry

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We are setting a site that sells vehicles, yes we can list manufactures and models but I don't see an easy way to add "Year" so that it's really easy to update.


Does anyone know is this is possible through a module?




Does anyone know how to custom build this?



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Do you mean listed in the front office? If so, then yes it's possible I guess but would take a little work unless you just use the blocklayered module. That can be used to FILTER on a feature (although not sort I don't think).


There's a hook in the CategoryController (ActionProductListOverride) that lets you build your own product listing - that's probably where I'd start on a custom solution.


If it's the Back Office then all you would need to do is override AdminProductController to change which fields are presented in the listing (plus probably a callback and/or table join/additional sql to look up the feature value).

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