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Expert Help Needed - 8 Simple Changes/Fixes Needed - Tight Budget


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Can anyone help me?


I hired a web developer via oDesk but not only could he not finish the job within the month given to (nor the following two weeks that I have waited to hear from him since) but he has done something to my back office. (See attached file).


I have 8 changes that I need making ordered by importance below.


1* Most importantly the back office errors need fixing


2* Photo's now appear and work differently - I have version 1.4.7 but the pictures no longer enlarge when hovered above, nor can you scroll through the images (they appear in a grid style). When you click a photo to enlarge you have to leave my site and press back to return to the product. I'd like this changed back to how it was.


3* Paypal/Order summary page does not display the short summary


4* The Categories list disappears when you enter a product's page - can this be changed?


5* The site has been made wider but is now too wide - I have to scroll to see the right hand side of the page and the left hand side is too far left.


6* The products pages were changed to grid style - but I feel this has been done sloppily. Can this be neatened up.


7* The subcategories when you press the home button had been changed to centred (but was so misaligned I had them change it back) - Can this be properly centred with clear images and centred text also.


8* Lastly the slideshow is now acting a little odd - I uploaded pictures which do not appear live on the site and the ones that are there vibrate or transition too quick. Can this be fixed.


My budget is extremely tight at the moment so could I please ask how many of the above changes can I have made for £50 - £80 (approx $77 - $124) and how much would it cost to complete all of the changes.


Any help/quotes would be greatly appreciated.


Many thanks


Leah James



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