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[solved] How to POP UP the LIVE Chat Zopim


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You want to open zopim chat in popup? I understood you well? It isn't possible, the only way to use zopim is official widget which is located (by default) on the right side (bottom of the page)

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i read once again your post - maybe you want to open zopim window? if so, try with $zopim.livechat.window.toggle();


<span onclick="[color=#000000][font=Consolas,]$zopim.livechat.window.toggle();">open zopim window</span>[/font][/color]

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you're welcome


thanks for the information, i can go ahead and mark this thread as solved - for other community members it will be really helpfull.


You can also mark own solved threads as [solved], here is an infromation from forum rules about that:


Furthermore if you are the author of the topic for which a solution has been found, please edit your topic title to mark it as [sOLVED].


To mark a topic as [solved] :

- Edit the first post of your topic by clicking on the "Edit" button,

- Click on the "Use full editor" button,


- Add the "[solved]" string at the beginning of your topic title and click on the "Submit Modified Post" button.


we will be gratefull if you will folow those steps in the future



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