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Displace newest product where feature value = "x"


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I'm about a week into Prestashop development and so far I like how many out of the box tools there are, but I am surprised at how little documentation exists describing how to implement really basic functionality.


As the title of this post indicates, I would like to display a product with specific feature. I have set up all kinds of features for my products in the backend. One example is country.


So how would I display products where country = "italy", for example. Ideally I'll try to display the newest 1 product where country = "Italy".


I know that a lot of questions get asked here by people who offer nothing in return. That said, if anyone can even point me in the right direction, it would be MUCH appreciated.


Thanks for any help.

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I think I'm getting closer



foreach($productsData as $product){
    $tmp = Product::getCover($product['id_product']);
    array_push($products, array(
         'name' => $product['name'],
         'author' => $product['manufacturer_name'],
         'country' => $product['country'],
         'price' => $product['price'],
         'features' => $Product->getFrontFeatures($product['id_product']),
         'link' => $link->getProductLink(new Product($product['id_product'])),
         'image' => $link->getImageLink($product['link_rewrite'], $tmp['id_image'])



I can't figure out the syntax for that features line. Does anyone have any ideas?

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