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Loyalty points update on Product Page


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Right now, when we enter a product page, we have the loyalty points calculated upon the product price.

Example: By buying this product you can collect up to 30 loyalty points.


But if this product has features and prices increases and decreases, the loyalty points do not change when user changes product options...


While in the cart summary, the loyalty points are updated when cart total is updated , like when increasing quantity. Which means that loyalty points are responsive to the cart total.


Is it possible that the loyalty module updates itself on product page when product price changes according to options chosen ? To reflect reality to user and give a better user-experience...


Thanks !

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Hi paditur, No idea if and if so, where they fixed it.


Just one check: If you do a page refresh (Ctrl-F5 (windows)/Command-R (mac)) does it show the correct value for the loyalty points after doing so? (It can be that it recalculates the value on a refresh, therefore this question. Not sure if it calculates beforehand elsewhere, or on the fly here.)

IF it calculates it correctly, we might consider to force a refresh page after changing any attribute to make it work (for now).


let me know,


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