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move a virtual installation from local to local

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hi all!

i have a strange problem that can't solve......

i'm newbie and i want to try ps.


i try it with the typical hoster in Italy like aruba or register.... but i'm not satisfy

for speed and for functionality.....

so i want to create my store from 0


step 1 i create a VM with debian 6.0.7 with only base package

step 2 i install XAMPP 1.8.1

step 3 install prestashop


all is ok and goes welll..... so i want to move the VM from my pc to a VM server in local


the old ps machine have ip the new must have

i have check that all in prestashop is set to localhost.....


but after i move the VM and change ip in debian.....xampp function properly and ps no!!!

every time that i try to connect with store or admin page i see the browser try to connect with my older ip e don't appear the page !!!



have you suggestion or ideas about this error???

thank you at all!



Virtual machine type (vmware server or virtual box)

debian : 6.0.7

xampp: 1.8.1

ps: 1.5.4

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hi lagradeours

thanks for reply

but i haven't .htaccess in my xampp




i try to create it ....a blank file... but result is the same...


or you mean another .htaccess that i can't understand?


thank you

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