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...and here we go for shipped.(html/txt)


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How i set {email} var in template shipped.html


1 - open Classes/Mail.php (DO NOT DO THIS!!! Use overload folder)

2 - Find 253 line(same as -> $template_vars['{guest_tracking_url}'] = blablabla)

3 - Add next line - $template_vars['{email}'] = preg_replace("(>|<)", "", $to); // Thats not FUNNY!!!!!!

4 - Save and upload

Now, ur users will receive mail with shipped message with link in {email} var like this - http://mysupershop.com/guest-tracking?id_order=KNLJYIZWA&[email protected]

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you go to your back office /admin ...

and you go this link : /index.php?controller=AdminStores, you can go there from the settings bar then stors

for what??? var {email} in template shipped.html not working, after my editing - working
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