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[SOLVED] Add all manufacturers to the top menu in PS


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Hi community,


I've recently cloned the latest release of this beautiful platform from github and I'm trying to get a list of all the manufacturers in a menu voice in the top menu (i.e. module blocktopmenu) but I doesn't find the proper configuration.


Do I have to modify the module or is there a way to handle the feature I'm trying to implement without touching the code?


Thanks :).

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Standard this isn't an option in PS. You have to redo some code in /modules/blocktopmenu/blocktopmenu.php


Search for 'man'(ufacturers) and see what they do with it. maybe easiest (but dirty, officially incorrect) to rewrite the code so that if any manufacturer needs to be added (i.e. in standard module-config, select exactly 1 manufacturer), then change the code for creating the menu to add ALL instead of only the chosen one (see first few 'man' you meet for an example to skim through all manufacturers (foreach command)


Hope this gives you an idea.


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Sorry for my lateness in respond and thank you very much for your support!!! :)

I really appreciate all your work here on the forum!!!

I'll modify the menu to respond to my needs.

For the moment I mark the post as [sOLVED].

However if anyone is facing the same problem feel free to write here.

I'll be glad to help!


@PascalVG: again thank you very much!!! :)

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Hello, i have the same problem (i need to have manufacturers list in top menu) and have completely no idea what should i change in code under manufacturers entries inside file 'blocktopmenu.php'. Sure there are some variables ($manufacturers, $manufacturer) and foreach is here too, but i clearly don't have enough knowledge to do it... I've recently left Presta 1.4 to work with Presta 1.5. In older version i used module jbx_menu which had this manufacturers-list feature, but it looks like there is no Presta 1.5-ready version... so if somebody will find some free time to help i'll appreciate that :)

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