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finding and replacing text


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Hi there,


I am not a developer, but I have been asked to change the text on the front page of our

prestashop website. If i use Firebug (which locates the text im looking for) i cannot see the name of the actual file which contains the text in order to change it? It seems a no brainer I know to a developer, but i'm finding it difficult. I've looked thru every index file and every css file but dont see this particular text anywhere? I know its part of the Editorial Block, but cannot be seen thru the home editor function. I must be missing something fundemantal?


Any assistance would be very much appreciated



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Hi Vekia, thanks for your reply!

there are a couple of elements that contain text which needs to be changed,

but i cannot get to the actual file that contains the text to change it. Tried using Firebug extentions

but still cannot find out where this text is stored...

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