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I'm concerned about the carrier modules in the defaul prestashop

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The supplied USPS and UPS modules are worthless and cost way too much money to the store owners for shipping packages.


I'm willing to contribute, time and effort to help straighten out the mess not only for Prestashop but the others as well. I'm very good with the USPS API. A shop owner shouldn't have to go to a third party program to ship packages, add insurance, print labels and have tracking all within the store.


So right now I'm figuring out what needs to be done and trying to get insight from the Prestashop core writers themselves and see why. Is it so you can sell add-ons? Which doesn’t handle very much? And the thinking that every item should be in it's on package with its own shipping. You guys are kidding right? The bigger picture is you’re not the only shopping cart doing it which is weird.


A carrier should only need to know the number and packages sizes, whether it palletized or not etc. How the can pik it up ship it and drop it off. They don’t need to set regular or larg for defining a package. All the cartonization, palletization and container information (for international shipping) just needs to be in a different set of classes. The only real info for the carrier is what type of container they are to expect, individual boxes, a pallet or container. There’s a simply lot more to it!


I believe instead of seeing all of the different carriers mailing options it information should be displayed on a different tab or something.


And if I do it with the Prestashop developers I won’t charge a thing. If I do it as SAS or my own modules I will but I will promise to keep all the standard US companies USPS, UPS and FEDEX in for free. I wouldn’t be anywhere near the cost of like Shipwire, Stamps.com or Endicia!


I promise I’ll better handling for split shipment and additions for products that can’t be package with other product. I’ll include nesting option as well as true to the actual package(s) to be shipped.


So any feedback from the Prestashop developers?


I know I can write a lot more right now. I’m in the requirements planning phase and I might put up a site for suggestions etc. What do you all think!!!

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