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Prestashop changed my URL's to "home" category after update


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Hi guys.

I just finished updating my store from 1.4.x to and I noticed that in the latest versions of Prestashop, the team has changed the way the URL's works for the products that are using the Home Category.


Ofcourse this is a huge problem for us because of having a store for many years means that we got a lot of incoming links to some of our products. If suddenly the URL change, this is negative for our SEO even if a 301 Redirect is possible to mitigate some of the damages.


In old Prestashop the URL's to normal products were displayed as store.com/category/id-product/ however all Products that was located in Home Category was using store.com/id-product/.


In the lastest version of Prestashop, products in the Home Category is now using store.com/home/id-product/.


How do I revert this to the old way? I still want to keep /category/ for all other products. But the ones in Home I need to be displayed in the same way as before.


This is not the first time that we've had SEO issues with Prestashop updates. If a team member reads this, I would like you to take these things into considerations when doing updates in the future.

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