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Display voucher value in cart


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When displaying available vouchers in cart, is it possible to show the amounted discount of every voucher without having to adding them to the cart?


Something like {$voucher.amount} or {$voucher.value} ?

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I'm using 1.4.3 and the "display voucher in cart" is active, but what I'm after is the ability to show the actual value of every discount.

As of now its:

{$voucher.value} Description: Bla bla

{$voucher.code } Code: bla-bla


But I also want to show the actual amount every voucher is worth with something like {$voucher.value/amount}

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I've PS 1.4.6 version.


when I've inserted the voucher code in the cart (voucher name random create by prestashop with the 10% on total amount, with correct data, all clients and etc.. ) and I clicked add, it shows "voucher code don't applicable" and didn't calculate nothing. in the cart i've added 3 items. The theme is the prestashop default.


How I can solve this problem?How I can modify my file .php?


This my DiscountController.php in the path public_html/controllers/DiscountController.php


class DiscountControllerCore extends FrontController


public $auth = true;

public $php_self = 'discount.php';

public $authRedirection = 'discount.php';

public $ssl = true;


public function process()




$discounts = Discount::getCustomerDiscounts((int)(self::$cookie->id_lang), (int)(self::$cookie->id_customer), true, false);

$nbDiscounts = 0;

foreach ($discounts AS $discount)

if ($discount['quantity_for_user'])



self::$smarty->assign(array('nbDiscounts' => (int)($nbDiscounts), 'discount' => $discounts));



public function displayContent()







If you need more information please post or contact me

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Ive done one more test, but don't work


I've uploaded my screenshots, _FrontController.php, DiscountController.php, shopping-cart.tpl files in a test platform because i can't post them




username : u786317092

password : travel


I hope this information are useful for you..if you can post my files without problem..



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