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[SOLVED] Remove VAT from loyalty points


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Hello to all,

I'm putting on my ecommerce loyalty points, but ... How do I remove, in addition to shipping charges the VAT?


That is, if a product costs: 200 €, I want to get 10 € shipping = 190 € and remove the VAT = € 150.1 I will have to give 1 point for every € 150 then the points are ... But I can not remove the VAT me more and more ...


Help ...

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Hi KolfKord,


I didn't set up taxes AND loyalty programmes, so didn't test it, but have a look here:

in file:



find the function:


public static function getCartNbPoints($cart, $newProduct = NULL)


Here you can find how they calculate the loyalty points, based on the stuff in your cart.

There is the following line:


$total += ($taxesEnabled == PS_TAX_EXC ? $product['price'] : $product['price_wt'])* (int)($product['cart_quantity']);


Telling us (for this product X in the cart): add the price (with or without tax) * amount of this product in cart.


I can imagine this would work:


$total += ($product['price'])* (int)($product['cart_quantity']);


Maybe test it out in your environment.


My 2 cents,


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Another option is just to increase the level of your point earned by adding the tax to it.


Say you get 1 point for every 150Euro, just add the tax to it, so 1 point for every 190 Euro (as in your example).


Just an idea...


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