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Upgrade Blockcart Configuration


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Hello everybody,


I come here today because im trying to put some configuration for my blockcart module modified.


Right now i would like to be able to configure a text input which affect directly a footer in my blockcart.




<div class="block_footer_border1">
<p class="block_footer_text">
Footer Text


I started to put the configuration value in my blockcart.php

But i don't really know how to interact with my template file







$blockcartfooter = strval(Tools::getValue('blockcart'));
  if (!$blockcartfooter  || empty($blockcartfooter) || !Validate::isGenericName($blockcartfooter))
 $output .= $this->displayError( $this->l('Invalid Configuration value') );
   Configuration::updateValue('blockcart', $blockcartfooter);
// In function getContent()


<label>Configuration Value</value>
<div class="margin-form">
<input id="blockcart" class="" type="text" size="150" value="Free Shipping WorldWide" name="blockcart">
</div><div class="clear"></div>
//In function displayForm()


If you can help me on that it will be really kind.


Thank you,



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