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[Solved]Adding category in Top menu


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it looks like the jquery library isn't included properly can you check the source of your website for jquery library? (right click / show source) hit the link, does it work?


After viewing the source, I couldnt locate "jquery library" in the source.


Have even tried to uninstall and install, but still same result =(

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try to search only "jquery" string. you downloaded prestashop installation package from official website? (prestashop.com) or maybe you use some pre-installator in your webhosting control panel?


I have attached the screenshot of the code with jquery string.

It display full page of codes when I click on the link.


I installed prestashop from my webhosting control panel, will that caused this issue?

I used to install older version of prestashop via the webhosting control panel but does not have this problem.




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