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Question on overriding classes/controllers from a module


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I want to override one core controller, but instead of changing in override folder, I want to provide my new version of the controller directly from the module. In this way, users will not have to copy other files.


I have observed that if I place my controller under:




when the module is installed, all my code goes to the base override folder:




No problem until now. However, the big question is what happens if 2 different modules are overriding the same controller?

What is stored under override/controllers/front ?


I don't believe there is an aggregation, as it will be impossible. So how is this case treated?



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If another module overrides a DIFFERENT member function of the class then it will add that function to the override class.


If another module tries to override the same function then the module won't install and there will be an error message :(

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